Global Kameti is when people get together as a member of the group to help each other for financial needs. Because everyone has different dreams, our mission is to bring your dreams to reality. Kameti’s mission is to change the life of everyone who wants to do something but life hardships didn’t allow them to get an education, but they have dreams.

Depending on how many members are in each kameti program, it will be decided how many people will be lucky from each kameti.

The person initiating the kameti is the administrator/ cashier of the kameti and is responsible for each transaction and servicing of everything that goes for that particular program. After signup, if you don’t have a credit or debit card, it’s ok, we’ll send you a membership I’d card and you will be directed to your local bank to pay for kameti.

Each kameti member QR code will be on marbles for draw. Each draw payment you miss, you won’t be on that draw, so then you have to be on the next draw soon as you pay.

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